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At suburban pup, we firmly believe that dinnertime's one of the most important times you spend loving your pup each day.

So over the next six months, we're celebrating the little dinnertime rituals of six representative clients - and their favourite meal flavours.


asta the cavoodle + green turkey dins

Breed: toy cavoodle

Age: 3

Weight (for scale!): 6.6kg

Client concern: sensitive tummy

Favourite flavour: Green Turkey Dins

Dinnertime ritual: kitchen bench peeking


blueberry the papillon + turkey in the raw

Breed: papillon x long hair chihuahua

Age: 2

Weight: 3.8kg

Client goal: raw food transitioning

Favourite flavour: Turkey in the Raw

Dinnertime ritual: dance moves


saige the beagle + chicken organics

Breed: beagle

Age: 13

Weight: 11kg

Client concern: less active retirement lifestyle

Favourite flavour: Chicken Organics

Dinnertime ritual: utter obedience


barkley the dachshund + free-range pork

Breed: miniature dachshund

Age: 6

Weight: 7.5kg

Client concern: super-lean physique

Favourite flavour: Free-range Pork

Dinnertime ritual: anticipatory spinning


biccy the prague ratter + raw-range lamb

Breed: prague ratter

Age: 1

Weight: 900g

Client concern: limited puppy appetite

Favourite flavour: Raw-range Lamb

Dinnertime ritual: 'chimken' is now a magic word


fred the boston terrier + beef rawganics

Breed: boston terrier

Age: 2

Weight: 10kg

Client goal: convenient fresh portion control

Favourite flavour: Beef Rawganics

Dinnertime ritual: mindful chewing - really!