suburban pup’s vision is simple: to help humans show their dogs they could not love them more - every day. And our mission is all about providing a product and service that fits seamlessly into South East Queensland households with canine family members, enhancing their wellness with every meal. 


Loves: 1. toy stuffing; 2. being carried (why walk?); 3. waking up REALLY EARLY. As a dog who’s sure he’s human, Vin’s the face of our lightly-cooked dinners.

An intense little guy with one black ear, Vin’s taught us pretty much everything we know about minimising allergies, and is the light of every one of our days.


Loves: 1. tummy rubs; 2. taking midnight strolls in the garden; 3. DINNER. As a dog’s dog, Brucie’s the face of our raw dinners.

Behind his super hero-esque eye mask markings, Brucie’s adorably vague, but becomes an utterly spectacular problem solver when food is the goal.


As an utter Taurean, the health and happiness of everyone in Anna’s home nest is her top priority. We hope suburban pup can enhance your household too.

Happily, suburban pup also calls on every bit of passion, empathy and organisation Anna’s developed as a performing arts project manager, hence the occasional appearance of #artspupsofbrisbane alongside #suburbanpup in our social posts.

You're most welcome to contact Anna on anna@suburbanpup.com.au



Mat’s had Anna's back since the day she became his little sister, and his super power is being ridiculously on time. We know our home delivery customers will love the ridiculousness.

When Mat’s not on the road for suburban pup, he’s creating artwork like Vin and Brucie's spot-on logo avatars, or he's back on the road as a mobile car detailer, perhaps not surprisingly attending to quite a few vehicles with regular furry passengers.



Pat is Anna's husband, and Vin and Brucie's pack leader. He's also the shy, faceless body in our family shots, so we thought it was important to at least introduce his torso.

As a qualified logician, Pat's always on the sidelines, asking all the important questions like 'have you thought about' and 'what if', and we love him for that.