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As avid label-readers ourselves, we know what it’s like to have lots of questions about your pup’s food. So we’ve broken your FAQS down to cover the things we’re commonly asked before you order, when you order, and after you order.

And if you can't find the answers you're looking for, we genuinely welcome your questions. Please just contact us.


Where can I read your ingredients lists?
Complete ingredients lists are available on our range page.

What do you mean by 'fresh, human-grade ingredients'?
To invest in your pup's longevity daily, we use minimally-processed vegetables and natural supplements, along with human-grade meat from optimally well animals (instead of insufficiently-regulated pet-grade protein from unwholesome animal waste).  And our key point of difference in this human-grade market is: when we say human-grade, we mean the cuts of meat humans would be willing to eat, custom minced to control fat content (not just a collection of random offcuts from human-grade animals).

What do you mean by 'balanced, canine-appropriate recipes'?
To support your pup's day-today wellness, we've consulted with a canine nutritionist over a four-year period, and balanced our recipes' macro and micronutrients with reference to the AAFCO requirements widely recognised by vets too.  Our key point of difference in this regard however is: AAFCO requirements don't take into account the processing or original quality of ingredients (esp in relation to commercial dry/wet food), but we certainly do (see previous FAQ!)


What do you mean by 'reusable, small-serve packaging'?
Back in 2016, we always spent late Sunday night prepping small-serve meals for our own small pups, because prepared fresh food solutions came in large frozen blocks we could never finish safely. We knew there must be other busy humans wanting lift-the-lid + lick-the-bowl convenience, and suburban pup was born.  So our BPA-free polypropylene containers were carefully selected to be tamper-evident and resealable, air- and water-tight, freezable 

- and even able to act as a mobile meal service bowl. And while they're readily recyclable via your household bin (and our delivery bags are recyclable via Coles/Woollies soft plastic collection points), we encourage the return of both containers and bags to us upon your next pick up or delivery - for sanitisation and multi-reuse!


Why raw + lightly-cooked meal options?
Our lightly-cooked meals can offer a smoother transition from commercial dry/wet food to raw feeding, both for your pup’s palate and for their digestion. We also understand some pups require cooked food for short periods (e.g. post-operatively). And we realise some pickier small pups just prefer cooked food, so by keeping the cooking light to retain as many canine appropriate nutrients as possible (while also fulfilling our food safety obligations), we’re pleased to provide a ready-to-serve option for these pups too.

Why meal mixes?
Our meal mixes were created in response to the growing home-prepared meal movement in our community.  We recognised that humans were seeking greater protein flexibility and control, but that vegetables were often insufficiently processed for optimum nutrient absorption, or that supplements were often under/over applied.  Our mixes look after the nutritional range of this veg + supps component, so you can concentrate on sourcing key meat, bone and organ components (with full prep suggestions on each product label).

Why treats?
And our treats followed our mixes (see FAQ above), as bone and organs were the two small but vital protein groups we saw missing from home-prepped bowls most often. And we get it ! They can be tricky to source, and less than pleasant to prepare. So we’ve dehydrated our favourite free-range proteins for easy feeding at of between mealtimes – quail frames for bone, and lamb liver, heart and kidney for organ variety.  Just be sure to follow the feeding guide on the lid - dehydration makes everything much more nutrient dense!!

Can I mix suburban pup with other food?
Foods formulated with reference to AAFCO requirements (as suburban pup is) are often called 'complete'.  Though at suburban pup, we subscribe to a more realistic 'balance over time approach' that acknowledges mix feeding and treating (and more like how humans eat - sometimes it's a salad, and sometimes it's a donut, right?!) As such, we support clients who choose to integrate suburban pup with quality dehydrated brands or home-prepared food. And we also encourage feeding across as many of our own flavours as possible to maximise your pup’s nutritional range, along with feeding of raw, meaty bones 1-2 times weekly. 

My pup has special dietary needs, can you help?
Yes! We LOVE supporting the journey toward convenience of clients with picky eating behaviours, sensitive tummies, post-pancreatitis fat limitations, protein intolerances, environmental allergy symptoms, youth/old-age nutrient requirements and even fine tuning of lean/solid physiques. In short, we know how emotional it can be to care for a special pup, and how important it is to know there is hope!  You're always most welcome to contact us for an initial chat.


Why sign up for a recurring order?
The recurring order button on each of our Product ordering pages is designed to make life even more convenient, allowing you to set and forget your regular order, with your credit card automatically charged and your meals delivered at the interval you choose. It also offers an ongoing 7% discount on each order (or the equivalent of one free meal with every 14 meals purchased), and gives you the ability to add/remove items, skip or cancel your order at any time. Plus we welcome the return of our recurring order clients' properly washed/dried containers (and bags) for sanitisation and reuse.

Tell me about product pricing.
Breakfast treats (Weekend Pawridge) are $5 per 200g container, reduced fat/allergen meals (Green Turkey Dins and Turkey in the Raw) are $7 per 200g container, and free-range/organic meals (Free-range Pork, Raw-range LambChicken Organics and Beef Rawganics) are $8 per 200g container. Human-grade meat is a more expensive ingredient than the pet-grade meat we've been conditioned to buy, so it may be more useful to consider a small to medium dog's cost per meal as equivalent to a quality espresso coffee – and delivering wellness, longevity and convenience with every container.

Tell me about delivery costs.
28-dinner packages provide FREE home delivery. 14 & 7-dinner packages allow you to choose $14 home delivery or an ALWAYS FREE pick up option that best suits your location and lifestyle.  And please note ALL delivery fees and/or discounts are already included in total package prices throughout our order now section.

What if I can’t make it to our chosen pick up location on their designated delivery day?
This is exactly why we work with pick up partners :) They’ll keep your meals frozen til the next time you’re able to stop in, and you can check their opening hours on our reach page.

What if we’re going to be out on our home delivery day?
We work like many other home delivery services; please leave an esky with plenty of cooler blocks at your front door to avoid a $14 redelivery fee. And rest assured we also send a reminder text the evening before your delivery; we appreciate you’re busy, and are happy to do the remembering for you!


How do I introduce suburban pup/kitty into my pet’s diet?
Like any gentle food introduction, substitute just a spoon of suburban pup/kitty into your pet's existing meal, and if their tummy remains pretty stable, gradually increase by a spoon at each meal til you reach your goal proportion.
If you little companion's tummy really wavers at the start, discontinue suburban pup/kitty til it settles, then begin reintroducing more gradually by half spoons.
And if you’re transitioning from commercial dry or wet food for pups, we suggest starting with our lightly-cooked pup dinners, then transitioning to our raw dinners.

How much should I feed my pet?
Per 1kg of your pet's weight, we suggest feeding approx. 20-30g of suburban pup/kitty daily, ideally split over two meals.
So dogs to 10kg in weight would consume approx 200g or one container per day (for example, our 8kg shih tzus eat half a container each for breakfast, and half a container each for dinner) but tiny dogs under 5kg may need up to 40-50g per kilo per day! And for puppies, use their projected adult weight as your guide, perhaps split across an extra meal or two a day - they need extra energy for growing!! 
Meanwhile cats to 5kg in weight might consume up to 150g or 3/4 container per day.  And growing kittens may eat up to twice our daily suggestion for adult cats, again over an extra meal or two if possible.
Of course if you’re mixing suburban pup/kitty with other dry, wet or raw food sources, you can reduce its weight proportionally. 
And finally (phew!), remember every animal's individual metabolism is a little different depending on their breed, age and activity level - so keep an eye on their bodyweight every few weeks to determine if you need to tweak their food (and treat!) quantity up or down til you reach a steady level you're happy with. Scales rarely lie :)

How long does suburban pup maintain optimal freshness?
Each meal bears a use by date four months after its production date, subject to remaining safely frozen throughout that period. Once defrosted, suburban pup should remain refrigerated, then be consumed in 3 days for ready-to-serve meals (and never refrozen!), 7 days for meal mixes, and 6 weeks for treats. These details are also provided on each container label.

Why might dinners look a little green?
Don't be alarmed, the green tinge is simply from the natural super greens supplements featured in most of our meals.

What if my dog doesn’t love suburban pup?
If your dog’s refusing suburban pup after a fortnight, please contact us. Anna will make a time to personally collect remaining food for donation or disposal, arrange a refund, and importantly, understand your valuable feedback.