Meal container & cake cup combo

We're teaming up with our kitchen buddy Cherry Bomb Cakes for a spot of 'shop small' fun - offering just 7 SP meal container / CBC cake cup combos for $7 (valued at $14 each, with all funds donated to RSPCA Qld).

And importantly, to stick with our seven-ish theme, combos must be picked up from South Brisbane's Wandering Cooks on your way to work 7-9AM, THIS WED 7 MAR.

Pups! Choose your suburban pup meal container from:

And loyal humans, choose your Cherry Bomb cake cup from:

  • Choc Caramel
  • Orange Passionfruit

Please note, this offer is ideal for new or occasional suburban pup customers (our dear recurring order crew will get their very own taste of our Cherry Bomb Cakes/RSPCA Qld collab before too long!)

Need more info before you order? Don't hesitate to email for any assistance you may need.