Here’s why our 100g packs of DAILY QUAIL dehydrated quail frame treats are awesomely practical protein for wolves in street clothing:


dog eating daily quail

Daily Quail’s single protein – free-range quail – is also a novel protein for most dogs, minimising intolerances associated with more commonly-served meats.

Then dehydration into shelf-stable treats at safety-driven temperatures and durations enriches scent and flavour, maximising canine appeal.  Even for particular eaters!


daily quail product closeup

The tiny meaty bones and cartilage of quail frames are a naturally-balanced source of vital micro-nutrients including calcium, phosphorous, collagen and vitamins A, D and E.

And knowing bone-feeding can feel daunting, especially amongst our littlest wolves, we mince and hand-shape our chip-like treats, for practical daily diet supplementation.


daily quail single ingredient

Til rather recently, quail frames were a by-product of high end restaurant supply. Now competition for sufficient quantities of these dainty human-grade cuts is strong amongst a select group of pet food producers.

Our 7+ years of awesome supplier relationships means our local source is secure – working farm-direct, our frames are snap-frozen on the day of quail processing for optimally-fresh arrival in our kitchen.