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Hi, I’m Anna. And I want my dogs to live for as close to forever as possible.



So I feed them human-grade ingredients - for longevity. And canine-appropriate recipes - for wellness.

But I couldn’t find the fresh, balanced meals I wanted in small serves – for convenience...

So I created SUBURBAN PUP.  Because humans are busy + dogs are awesome.

And since 2016, we've grown a local reputation for fresh-feeding success!  With a healthy dash of boutique service.


vin + brucie

Meet the original suburban pups, our chief + co-chief tasters Vin & Brucie.

One with a sensitive tummy. One prone to itchiness.

And both now enjoying vibrant day-to-day wellness for 9 & 10 year old dogs.


commercial kitchen

Well before we purpose-built our exclusive-use commercial kitchen, we began working with one of Australia's leading canine nutritionists to ensure our all-fresh recipes still meet the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) requirements trusted by vets.

Our human-grade ingredients also far exceed the voluntary baseline standards of the Pet Food Industry Association of Australia (PFIAA).


Our premises and processes are audited annually as a Safe Food Queensland-accredited meat processor.

While Brisbane City Council doesn't regulate pet food production, you SHOULD expect Queensland Government-assessed Food Safety Programs from local producers of pet food and treats containing meat (especially when it's dehydrated!)


pet retail award logo

In 2019, our first three years of operation were recognised by winning the Retail Product category of the Paws & Relax Pet Products & Services Awards, contested by 28 South East Queensland nominees who provide customer service excellence, best practice and enhance our pets’ quality of life.