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In our household, our dogs are our kids. Quite simply, we want them to live for as close to forever as possible.


But longitudinal stats on canine wellness and longevity are more than a little scary. You only need to follow rapidly mainstreaming commentators to observe that in many cases, allergies are the norm, chronic disease is starting earlier, and canine lifespan is getting shorter.

Diet has a huge impact on these little bodies, and the meat quality, grain quantity and synthetic elements of commercial dog food are well worth questioning.


A human-grade diet simply means feeding our fur-kids only the kind of real whole foods we'd be willing to eat ourselves, and it was an easy choice to make. Getting the proportions right took the expert advice of a canine nutritionist. And being able to simply lift the lid on a nutritious meal each night took more organisational capacity than we had left in us at the end of a lot of our busy working days...

So in 2016, we decided to create the kind of dog-foodie care and convenience we'd been looking for - now delivering peace of mind from Brisbane to the Gold Coast weekly.


We not only choose to use human-grade ingredients far exceeding the voluntary baseline standards of the Pet Food Industry Association of Australia, we also meet substantial legal obligations and associated annual costs as a Safe Food Queensland-accredited meat processor. 

While Brisbane City Council does not regulate pet food production, Queensland Government-assessed Food Safety Programs like ours are required from producers of meat products for humans and pets alike - so if your local small batch dog meal producer doesn't invest in one, ask them why not!


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In 2019, our first three years of operation were recognised by winning the Retail Product category of the Paws & Relax Pet Products & Services Awards, contested by 28 South East Queensland nominees. 

Sponsored by The Rustic Pet, the award recognised retailers who provide customer service excellence, best practice and enhance our pets’ quality of life.