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November 01, 2020


Did you spend some fam time on the couch by candlelight this week? We did – due to a post-storm power outage.

So we thought, how about some some freezer management tips for a blackout in your ‘burb:

  1. Keep the freezer door closed as much as possible, allowing it to act a bit like an esky.
  1. Consider investing in a little external thermometer, so you can monitor temp without opening. (You can see ours in our stories)
  1. This may sound counter-intuitive in terms of risk management, but…keep your freezer full. The less air space in there, the slower the temp drops. It helps that our containers are tightly packed and highly stackable!
  1. Pop a couple of freezer packs up near any meals already in your fridge to help keep them cool too, esp after the 4 hour mark. (Though we’re lucky that lots of outages are sorted within that timeframe here in suburbia.)
  1. Have a plan B. Our outage last night was super-localised, so our offsite commercial freezer space remained safe and ready for a stock transfer if necessary. Maybe for you that’s Gramma’s house-of-treats, or friends a couple of suburbs away who know how important your pup meals are :)
  1. DON’T refreeze meat that has defrosted! You can lightly cook our raw meals if you need to (occasionally), but our lightly-cooked meals will need to be consumed if they’ve remained cool (or disposed of, sorry).

Already planning your summer holiday meal supply? Start ordering up here, or contact us to help you count out weeks and packages (we LOVE meal admin).


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