A letter to my other seven-year-old pup

February 03, 2019

A letter to my other seven-year-old pup

Belated awesome 7th birthday Brucie.

Belated because of an event last weekend for the business that your lil panda mug helped inspire. And awesome because it’s the suburban pup keyword I always associate with you – our creative thinker, and the baby of our family.


Let’s talk about the awesome first.

You happily sit and look at the wall quite a lot. I often joke that it’s because you’ve got the Lego Movie Song playing in that dear little noggin of yours - on perpetual loop. ‘Everything is awesome…’

An even better example is your morning routine: Waking up? Awesome, and alternating ear lobe licks must be evenly doled out. Running down to the kitchen? So awesome you let out some high-pitched whoops for effect. And BREAKFAST?! Circle-spinning, break-dancing awesomeness of the most unselfconscious kind… Meanwhile I’ve not even managed to make coffee, let alone utter a coherent word yet.

You remind me to be utterly grateful for the every day things, right there in the midst of suburbia. Thank you Brucie.


Let’s touch on your creative thinking then.

I chose Vin based on his looks with that one black ear, and felt I saw my soul reflected in his big brown cow eyes almost immediately. Your Dad chose you based on your behaviour as you persevered at making friends with Vincent, and it took me the longest time to get to know what was behind that serious Batman face.

For instance: You took an age to pee pad train – because eventually I learned you prefer wandering the entire moonlit backyard to find the perfect pee spot. You have impeccable comic timing when it comes to playing dead – because I’ve learned you think the pistol finger signal means belly rubs. And very occasionally you both freeze and drool in public, because you’re unduly terrified of all pugs – another thing I’ve only learned as we’ve been out one-on-one for suburban pup stuff.

You’ve repeatedly taught me to look for the ‘why’ that always makes sense, instead of the ‘what’ that sometimes doesn’t. And that makes me a better Mum, and SP a more grounded AND courageous small business than a risk-averse-over-thinker like me could make it alone, so thank you Brucie.


And let’s end with what it means to be our fam's baby.

Your birthday of allll your favourite things went like this:

  • Be at home with Vincent
  • Sort the past 24 hours' recycling
  • Eat preservative-free treats, preferably significantly more than usual

That’s it. Best day ever. And not even really that insta worthy :)

You see, in seven whole years as the baby of our pack, you've never spent a single moment of your life alone, and you’re not at all interested in trying it out. And while technically you’re approaching ‘middle age’, I’m suddenly struck that so unlike a human kid, you’re never going to leave home, or make friend/hobby/food choices for yourself.

And Brucie, that reminds me I’m completely responsible for your wellness and longevity, across each and every one of your awesome days. And THAT is why I started the human-grade dog meal business that makes these 7th birthday wishes so belated, but no less heartfelt - for the wise little panda who’s quietly become the very heart of our household.

Thank you Brucie, love Mum xx

Brucie's unassuming awesome was captured in this image by Tails of Time and you can even get a taste of it via Brucie's Birthday Pack available throughout Feb.


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