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Itchy pup? Meet Archie!

November 15, 2020

Itchy pup? Meet Archie!

In the words of Archie's Mum (via Facebook review):

Before Suburban Pup, I had so much trouble getting Archie's sensitive skin and tummy under control.
Like many Westies, he's got chronic allergies that can be set off by a whole host of things, but grass and changes in the grass is a big trigger -- one that we will never fully eliminate because we can't control all the grass that he'll ever touch!
By switching to Suburban Pup, I've been able to make sure that his insides are taken care of which has made the occasional flare up more manageable. It means that I can be 100% sure that any allergy flare ups during bindi season, or QLD's storm season (which seems to be starting right now), are caused by external things and it helps me and the vet get it under control much more quickly, without disrupting his tummy and changing his food a whole bunch.
In the past twelve months, we've gone from having him on heavy-duty meds, to managing the occasional grass-related flare up with topical treatments rather than making HUGE shifts in his food every other week, and I 100% attribute Suburban Pup to helping us get it under control.
Will be forever grateful to Anna for being there with our food + allergy related questions and working with us to support Archie's special needs.
After rain comes sun. Then grass. Then grass seeds. And often – a fortnight or so of ITCHIEEES.

It’s unlikely your pup’s suddenly developed an intolerance of chicken or beef (esp the organic forms we use!), but this is sometimes what’s diagnosed.

Either way, our reduced allergen turkey meals (lightly-cooked + raw options) can help support your pup year round - along with short-term topical treatments and behavioural changes (like removing human shoes and washing pup feet after walks).

So you can leave the long-range effects of expensive internal medications and dramatic diet changes as a last resort. 
Learn more about our reduced fat/allergen meal pack, or contact us to  chat about fresh, human-grade food to help manage your pup’s seasonal/environmental flare ups.

Photo courtesy Instagram @whereisarchiesleeping


Fussy pup?  Meet Harvey!
Fussy pup? Meet Harvey!

November 09, 2020

In the words of Harvey's Mum: 

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November 01, 2020

We spent some fam time on the couch by candlelight this week – due to a post-storm power outage.

So to keep your meal supply as safe as poss, here's our freezer management tips for a blackout in your ‘burb:

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If it ain't broke...
If it ain't broke...

August 02, 2020

An ongoing commitment to continuous improvement is how we become all round better humans for our already awesome dogs, right?!  

So what inspired the upcoming rollout of our refreshed ready-to-serve recipes?? 

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