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August 30, 2019


We’re often asked if we’re going to make treats - the SP taster panel currently remains pretty meal focused tho… So we thought we’d share how easy it is to MYO fresh fridge-treats with our plant-based meal mixes.



66g Brucie’s Immunity Meal Mix*

66g dog-friendly flour (we use a ground oat/quinoa flake combo)

A pinch of baking powder

That’s it!

*This makes approx. 12 balls, or about 2 treats a day for a week, which is probably enough for a single pup! If you’re having a play date, just keep the wet & dry mix weights identical as you increase them (e.g. 100g meal mix: 100g flour)



Combine all ingredients in a bowl**

Roll teaspoonfulls into balls

(Optional) Roll balls in extra quinoa flakes for that mirror ball ‘glitter’ look OR press them with a fork for a more ‘melting moment’ vibe

Bake in 180 degree oven for 15 mins fan forced, or 20 mins conventional

That’s it!!

**66g of flour takes up a lot more space than 66g of meal mix, so you’ll think the mixture is dry at the start, but persevere, and add a dash of water if you really need too….but remember you need a fairly un-sticky mix to get rolling.



Keep in an airtight container in the fridge for up to 7 days (because treats are a bit moist and chewy in the middle, and we don’t use preservatives)
Also freezable for future doggy discos***

***Happy 2nd birthday to Dottie, Lily, Sophie & Chips whose pawty inspired us to share this recipe x



If it ain't broke...
If it ain't broke...

August 02, 2020

An ongoing commitment to continuous improvement is how we become all round better humans for our already awesome dogs, right?!  

So what inspired the upcoming rollout of our refreshed ready-to-serve recipes?? 

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Can we redefine ‘busy’?
Can we redefine ‘busy’?

May 07, 2020

suburban pup convenience (& wellness & longevity) exists because humans are busy & dogs are awesome, right?

But a recent instapost from @mindspot_clinic got me thinking about what elements of our current, simpler lives we might maintain post-pandemic. 

(Involves gardening.)

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A letter to my other seven-year-old pup
A letter to my other seven-year-old pup

February 03, 2019

Whatever Vin gets, Brucie must too.  Pack rules.  So here's our Batman's very own letter, for the birthday number that's made me stop and think once again.

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