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Three human-grade considerations

September 16, 2018

Three human-grade considerations

In the nearly two years suburban pup’s been operating, my conversations about human-grade dog food have changed.

From responses of ‘human what?’ and much talk of premium dry, I’m now regularly chatting to dog mums and dads about raw feeding and home prep - which is GREAT.

But mainstreaming of the term ‘human-grade ingredients’ of course begins to create its own quality spectrum of resulting products – and understanding the increasing number of options within this spectrum can only help you make the best feeding decisions for YOUR personal circumstances at any point in time.

So here’s just three things to consider when you’re aiming for human-grade wellness and longevity.

1. How are human-grade ingredients processed?

How much does the food look like the original state of the ingredient photos on the packaging? How much heat treatment have those ingredients undergone to create convenience? And what level of synthetic nutrients have had to be added as a result?

2. What grade of human-grade are we talking about?

Are you willing to invest in organic? How fresh is the meat and particularly the offal? And are the muscle meat cuts something you yourself would be willing to eat?

3. Is it human-grade AND canine appropriate?

Do home-made-style meals include the richness of offal, oils and calcium dogs need to truly thrive longterm? Are they developed in consultation with a canine nutritionist or like-minded vet? And are you seeing a positive difference in your dog’s day-to-day wellness?


suburban pup is a premium human-grade option, designed with small dogs in mind.

And as our second birthday approaches, we’ll share more about how our dinner range developed – the kind of decision-making insight we believe you should be able to ask of any dog food producer, human-grade or not.


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