Why #foodfirst ?

May 06, 2018

Why #foodfirst ?

18 months is perhaps a not-so-auspicious small business milestone, but it sure is an interesting one.

A whole pile of households now happily rely on you – but there’s still a long way to grow.

You’ve gained some enviable working conditions – but you’ve also traded in some material comforts for at least the forseeable future.

And your friends have stopped saying ‘Wow, I wish I was as brave as you’ – and started saying, in kind but much more hushed tones, ‘So, is it actually working out?!’

And in all these entrepreneurial moments, I think it’s only responsible to return to the question of why:

Why were we utterly convinced about switching to human-grade food for our own two fur-boys?

Why was it that, even though I wasn’t really dying to put my little family through starting a business, I just couldn’t not start a business about something as important as supporting the healthy lifespan of even more hounds?

And why am I even more sure about all this than when we began??

My answer every time? Because the multiplying effect of day-to-day habits is truly breathtaking.

And just because we’re used to doing something, it doesn’t mean there’s not a better way.

Any addition of fresh, human-grade food is a step toward wellness for our dogs.

And sustained wellness is the surest path to their longevity.

Vibrantly healthy dogs, by our side for more years? THAT is why I put #foodfirst every day – even if it’s modern dog economics turned upside down.

You see, we’re well-meaningly accustomed to spending $100 per vet visit to repeatedly address preventable itches and tummy upsets.

And it makes us happy (me included!) to spend $10 per 100g on beautiful hand-made treats from local businesses we trust.

But we expect to invest $1 per 100g on processed, pet-grade food (and that’s the premium stuff). That means ingredients that are unsavoury in some way, then heat-treated, then synthetically supplemented. Always. Even in scientific or rustic-looking packaging.

Now, while awareness about human-grade feeding is certainly growing, I’m acutely aware it can be hard to be passionate without sounding preachy.

And let’s not overstate it - suburban pup’s really about making sure the proportions of those human-grade ingredients are canine-appropriate, then making everything a lot more convenient - so we’re all more likely to stick to it.

Well, they say it takes 28 days to form a habit.

And that’s why, for the month of May, our unprecedented #foodfirst offer is about putting fresh, human-grade meals in the freezers of more SEQ households than ever - so you can grab them, feed them, mix them, alternate them - get a feel, right now, for adding some human-grade to your dog’s food, from now on.

And whether you stick with suburban pup come June, I challenge you to stick with the multiplying effect of putting your pup’s #foodfirst in whatever way you can – it’s your best chance of never having to ask why about their wellness and longevity again.

PLEASE NOTE: our May #foodfirst offer has now ended, but you can sign up to our enewsflash at the bottom of any page of our website to access our $14 first order discount at any time.


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